Apr 12, 2019

Local Courthouses closed for Good Friday

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Easter Weekend Weddings Apr 19 – 21

Planning on getting hitched at the courthouse on Friday April 19th, 2019? Right before the Easter weekend? 


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I DO Weddings by Sheri
Good Friday is a holiday for the courts

That's right my beautiful engaged couples. The courthouse will be closed in observance of Good Friday. Now don't be surprised. They have been doing it this way at least since 1999. Probably before that, but that's when I started working there. So what are you going to do now?


Make sure you have got a valid marriage license. You will need to have obtained your marriage license by Tuesday of next week or no later than next Wednesday if you are a Florida resident....Non Florida residents can get theirs all the way until Thursday. Please don't wait to get it! Go now...yes....Right now...after you finish reading this.


Find a venue or park or beach or house...

You are going to need a place to hold the ceremony


You are going to need someone to perform your wedding ceremony. You will need an officiant. Head to my website and Let's see if I can get you scheduled between the 19th and the 21st.
Prices are listed on the ceremony page. Please review it first. Holiday fee will apply for Friday 19 weddings and Sunday 21 Weddings

Couples who fill out the online request form will be considered first. If calling, leave a message and fill out form. Click the book button below to get started!

I DO Weddings by Sheri

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