Sep 11, 2018

More fun with macro ring photography

In my quest to get in more practice with my newly acquired macro lens and create more artistic ring shots I took a quick trip to Joann's Fabric and purchased a couple of props. I purchased some 6"x 6" glitter and metallic card stock, some long and short hair fur, a round mirror, some feathers (primarily for the peacock plume) a small bird nest and a lightweight container to carry it all in. Most of the items were under $4.00. I used rings I already had.

All of these shots were taken in my home office on a small 4 inch ledge on my black room divider. I used a canon macro EF 35 mm lens on a Canon EOS T6i with a 600EXII-RT speedlight, a small triangle led light and a bicycle light with (infuriating) constantly changing led lights that I got for my bike but have yet to put it on.  I also used the aluminum foil (tin foil) from this weekend.

the shot 1/60 sec f/4 35 mm  ISO 400
I used 1 piece of the Tiffany blue glitter card stock,  and either the round mirror or a reflective card stock on the bottom and the triangle led light  to create this picture

the shot 1/60 sec f/4 35 mm  ISO 400
Gold glitter card stock behind and under the rings

the shot 1/60 sec f/4 35 mm  ISO 400
In this photo, I used the mini bird nest and the long hair white faux fur to complete this look.

the shot 1/60 sec f/4 35 mm  ISO 400

I used the beautiful ocean ring I bought last year to help ocean conservation, (this picture doesn't do it justice) the peacock feather, either the round mirror or a mirror card stock and gold glitter card stock with extra light from the triangle led light.

unedited picture of the ocean ring. on the short fur rug so you can see the detail of the swirling colors

Unedited ocean ring with that piece of aluminum foil. Look at all of the colors this ring has.

the shot 1/60 sec f/4 35 mm  ISO 400
In this photo I used two pieces of gold glitter card stock and laid the peacock plume under the rings. The rings took on a lot of color.

I used a round container of q-tips with pink stems that you get from the dollar store (laying on it's side)and took the photo directly on the shelf. In editing I used a purple ombre edit. The rings aren't as clear  and dynamic as I would have liked, but that is why I am practicing.

the shot 1/100 sec f/2.8 35 mm  ISO 100
This picture was a super unexpected surprise. I put a shell I got from  a bride a long time ago on the shelf  and that is either the aluminum foil or one of the glitter card stock in the background....sorry I should have taken notes ...and I used the blinking multi color led bike light. I really wish the light was constant. I think I used the triangle led light on this one as well.

Here are a few more pictures using aluminum foil, my own ring  and the blinking led multi color bike light.

the shot 1/80 sec f/5.6 50 mm ISO 3200

the shot 1/60 sec f/5 50 mm  ISO 400
I managed by shear luck and numbers to get the different colors. I also used another lens I purchased a while ago... a 50 mm portrait lens.

Well that is all for today. Now I just have to get an L-shaped or right angle stand so I can create these shots on the go!  Thanks for reading!
These pictures will be up on my Pinterest board soon. Please don't copy, alter or make memes with my photos.