Sep 18, 2018


Here is my third attempt at creating cool macro ring shots with relatively cheap props. I tried to make a rippling water illusion.

the shot  1/13 sec f/5.6 35mm  ISO 100

Can you guess what I used in this picture?
I'll give you a hint....absolutely no water.

I shot this photo on the shelf in my office, using a blue glitter card, 2 triangle led lights and a clear soap dish I found for like $2 or $3.

This next shot is very basic, using a stress relief toy that I got while I was working for a fortune 500 company and a reflective card and two led lights. the light on the lens is shone pretty clearly on the ring.

the shot 1/60 sec f/4 35mm  ISO  400

trying to see what two different color pieces of glitter card stock would look like as a background.

the shot  1/10 sec f/5.6 35 mm  ISO 100

I tried a few shots using manual settings. This is shot inside of a white container with gold on the inside. I assume it was possibly a votive holder that I found for $3. The next two shots show the rings sitting on the bottom of the container.
the shot  1/40 sec f/3.2 35 mm ISO 100

the shot 1/160 sec f/3.5  ISO 800

Look! I managed to get the inside writing so I am hopeful I can now capture the ring inscriptions.

the shot 1/8 sec f/5.3  35 mm  ISO 800

I managed to find some Elmer's putty at Michael's but trying to crop out the orange was a bit tricky. it is great for standing up rings though. I am going to try to use a smaller piece and see how that turns out. In the meantime, I am going to order clear dental wax instead. It should be easier to crop out of the pictures.

Unedited ring standing up with Elmer's removable adhesive tack. The shot is the same for all three pictures. I almost got the orange not to show on the last two.

the shot 1/13 sec f/5.6  35 mm  ISO 100

This is an unedited picture of the rings on the black shelf with just a flash

the shot 1/60 sec f/4 35 mm  ISO 400

This isn't so bad. Just letting the rings speak for themselves. Now all I need to do is get the hubs to make me a portable black background to use. I was thinking a clear one would be cool especially for beach shots but I will keep looking to see what I can come up with.

I  recently got a quantum led pen light (flash light/torch) with a clip that is really bright and also dims so I can clip it to my suit jacket or blouse and won't need to have an additional light person to hold lights for me. It was on sale at Harbor Freight for $5.99. So hopefully I can use it to get rid of those pesky shadows when I am photographing couples in dim light settings. 

I also found a camping fan and led light combo that I want to use for those billowing veil pictures so I won't need to have anyone holding up the veil. Unfortunately because of the heat most brides in Florida and destination brides forego the long dramatic veils in favor of none at all or very short ones or birdcage veils.  Any how, I am looking forward to testing the new lights out.

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