Sep 9, 2018

In Macro: Light and Tin Foil

Hello my lovelies!
It has been a bit since I posted. Much apologies. I have been busy with weddings and admittedly also been in a bit of a blogging slump.

After saving for a while, I finally was able to afford to purchase a macro lens and oh my goodness, what a world of beauty and detail it has opened up. I originally got it to try to photograph the butterflies, hummingbirds and bees that visit the flowers in our yard. That endeavor seemed much easier in my mind. It is harder to capture the insects that continually flit around and I did not even consider the wind.  I also noticed that the bees don't like to share the blossoms and were buzzing aggressively around this butterfly every time he tried to light on a flower.  Hmm...not so symbiotic!
There is a good sized queen bumblebee that I would like to capture. She is much smaller than the one we used to have before we removed the trees and had flowers put in. hopefully I will be able t share a picture of her soon.

Since I am home more I can practice until I get it right.
butterfly on pentas
looks like a wasp. I actually thought I had missed the shot.
Penta blossom close up

The second reason I wanted a macro lens was to be able to capture more dynamic ring pictures. Since I do a lot of intimate weddings, which I really enjoy, other than capturing the couple I wanted to try to include really creative and nice ring pictures and detail shots. Without the macro lens I was getting blurry shots and glare on the rings. If they had inscriptions, like this one...forget about it. I was finding myself pulling out my Samsung cell phone to try to capture the ring details. It was a bit of a toss up. Sometimes I would get the shot others...not so much.  

I am confident, now I will be able to get the picture of those meaningful inscriptions with my macro lens and a bit of creative lighting. 
These two pictures were taken at a recent intimate home wedding using only things the bride already had.  I had only had the lens a for a few days before this ceremony, so I did not get a lot of practice with it. and quite honestly did not know what to expect except for more detail in the rings pictures. I did not have any plan except to try to get one picture of the ring standing in the other.
the shot 1/60 sec f/4 35mm  ISO 800

The first picture was taken on a glass and metal tray with looped circles around the perimeter. 3 huge silver balls with indentations all over them were sitting strategically on the vanity. I didn't move anything just set the rings down in front of the balls. I was just hoping I would get a nice reflective shot of the rings, which were beautiful. I shot this through one of the loops and to my surprise and delight the flash created wonderful bokeh lights.
the shot  1/60 sec f/5.6 35mm  ISO 6400

The second picture was taken on the couple's dining room table. She had a glittery table runner and some petals on the table. I wish I would have thought to take a few directly on the runner but it was my first time so I know for the next time. Also... holding my breath worked. I had a few blurries before remembering that I had read that somewhere to help control camera shake since i did not have it on a tripod.

I needed fresh ideas and something to get the creative juices flowing.
I went online and was blown away by the cool pictures I saw.  There were also some how to videos and posts that were very helpful. I saw different led flashes that were being used but again, way more money.  I will need a few more weddings and photography add-ons before I can afford any of those. Then I started thinking, I can't carry a ton of props and I don't have the money to invest in a bunch of props so how can I use things that I already have in a creative way? They would need to be small and easily portable.

This next shot I took at home using my own ring on a black shelf in my home office. I used a small scrunched up piece of aluminum foil (that I got at Aldi's) so it wasn't even name brand foil...Lol. I used a triangle safety led light that I found in the garage and believe the hubs got for free at Harbor Freight. To my surprise it has a red light setting, a white light setting and a blinking red light setting.
the shot  1/60 sec f/4 35mm  ISO 400 
this is with the led on the red lighting option and rapture preset setting in editing
editing out the rapture except on the foil and the ring
editing it to black and white and increasing the highlights

Side notes: 
The ring does seem to get a little lost in some pictures but that is why I am practicing at home. I guess I can try different angles and maybe even get in a little closer. My ring has a lot of scratches on it that I did not notice before...Thanks for that Macro lens. Appreciate you.

Still working with the aluminum foil and trying to set up creative shots. On the next shot it doesn't look very much like aluminum (tin foil).

On this shot it is pretty obvious but has some interesting textures. Unfortunately the ring seems to get lost in the business of the tinfoil and lighting
I have a glass chess set. Lets add those in and see what happens.
Seeing how these glass chess pieces would work with the light on the foil. 
They look like they are made of ice.
before editing
1/60 sec f/5.6 35 mm ISO 400

Trying to add a little tint but the ring gets darker
no edits

This is a coaster I got as a gift from one of my couples years ago. I use them both everyday. Today it gets to be a photo prop. I forgot to turn the light on on the lens. Lol
no edits blew out the main diamond.
brightened up in editing still forgot to use light on lens. 
Main diamond facets are blown out
Playing with a little bit of blue ombre

The ring is sitting haphazardly on a piece of decor in my home office. Yes, I dropped it a few times. I think I may incorporate the use of tweezers to set the rings up since I am by nature inherently clumsy.  I spent a good 20 minutes looking for the solitaire. (Don't tell the hubs). I tried moving the light around so it would hit it at different angles. I used some of the blue ombre at the top to get a hint of blue in the light spot in the middle of the picture above the ring and enhance the blue on the sculpture which was a neat find at Walmart.

I had the little led light sitting off to the left side for most of these pictures. For the last one it was slightly above and to the left.

Maybe tomorrow I will try again. Practice makes perfect. I also got some Kenko extension tubes so I will be playing around with those to see if I can use them in any way to improve my skills.  

Thanks for reading!

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